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Thinking of joining the McArthur laboratory? We have projects spanning biocuration, bioinformatics, and computer science. Areas of emphasis range from antibiotic resistance to ecotoxicogenomics or population genomics. We are looking for Undergraduate Students to join the lab as thesis students, as part of inquiry or research project coursework, as paid Co-Op students, or as McMaster Work Program placements. Undergraduate students from departments in the Faculties of Health Science, Science, and Engineering are all welcome. Graduate students can join currently funded projects in the laboratory, are encouraged to obtain external funding, and should read up on Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Programs. Similarly, Postdoctoral Trainees can join as part of Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences Postdoctoral Trainee program, depending upon currently funded projects in the laboratory. Postdoctoral trainees are encouraged to pursue external funding. Lastly, depending upon funded projects, Research Assistant positions may be available in the lab.

Questions about positions in the McArthur laboratory or about current research opportunities can be emailed directly to

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