Server List

The computing environment of the McArthur Lab received financial support from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Research Fund, and Cisco Systems Canada, Inc. We use VMWare Cloud Computing, allowing us to create a wide variety of server, operating system, and software configurations.  Our computing resources are part of McMaster’s Service Lab and Repository, hosted by McMaster’s Computer Services Unit.


Git Lab, (requires VPN)

The McArthur Lab uses GIT Lab as a centralized resource for software development, data tracking, project documentation, issue tracking, and collaboration. Git Lab access is provided for registered users only – contact to register.

Generally speaking, all users of McArthur Lab data and servers join the General Admin Repository so they are able to submit hardware, software, or network requests, reports, and comments.

Are you a Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database curator, Resistance Gene Identifier tester, or Galaxy user? This Git Lab server is where you submit and track bug reports, data curation issues, software requests, and your questions.


Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database

All active CARD curators must join the Broad Street Repository. RGI testers are additionally advised to join the RGI Release Repository.


Linux Workhorses & Galaxy Instances

The Mcarthur Lab uses both command line and Galaxy for a variety of bioinformatics analyses, with a focus on next-generation sequencing data such as RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, etc. Collaborators and members of the McMaster research community are welcome to use our Galaxy server for their analyses. Galaxy access is provided for registered users only – contact to register. All Galaxy users must join the Galaxy Repository as this is the central resource for bug reports, issue tracking, documentation, and data/software requests.

  • (ubuntu, 32 processors, 384 GB memory) (SSH, VPN) [Galaxy instance]
  • (ubuntu, 30 processors, 128 GB memory) (SSH, VPN)
  • (ubuntu, 20 processors, 400 GB memory) (SSH, VPN)


Other Servers

  • General linux bioinformatics server (various FHS researchers), (SSH, VPN)
  • Restricted linux bioinformatics server, Chemical-Genetic DB, (SSH, VPN)
  • UPSTREAM Promotor Analysis database (login required,


VPN = McMaster virtual private network access required, SSH = secure shell access required