Meet Ups

McMaster Bioinformatics Meet-Up

Anyone working or interested in bioinformatics at McMaster, from analysis to software development, is welcome to join us at The Phoenix on the 3rd Friday of most months at 4 pm for the McMaster Bioinformatics Meet-Up! Click below to join our next Meet-Up.


Human Microbiome Journal Club

Several members of the Farncombe Institute host the Human Microbiome Journal Club. They also host a weekly Microbiome Working Group on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm for open discussion of microbiome research in any organism by any interested researcher – see the online schedule.

Bio-Data Lunch

Hosted by the Department of Biology, a Friday lunch to discuss all things biological data. Contact Dr. Ben Bolker for details.

Seminars, Work-in-Progress, Rounds

The Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute has weekly Research in Progress and Noon Rounds.

Seminars! Our favourites are in the Department of Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences, Department of Biology, MacData Institute, and the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research (IIDR).

Coming Soon! IIDR – St. Joseph’s Healthcare Infectious Diseases Joint Rounds.

McArthur Lab Meeting

The McArthur Lab has a group lab meeting most weeks in which we discuss our latest research progress. Thinking about joining the lab? Consider sitting in one of our meetings. Contact for details.

CARD Curation Team

The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD) Curation team meets most weeks in which we discuss curation of antimicrobial resistance genes into the CARD, development of the Antibiotic Resistance Ontology, and algorithm development for the Resistance Gene Identifier. Contact details.

Galaxy Users Group

The McArthur Lab increasing uses the Galaxy cloud computing environment for our bioinformatics analyses and Galaxy users throughout McMaster are welcome to attend our (somewhat sporadic!) Galaxy Users Group meeting. Contact for details.

Mid-Term Recess Bioinformatics Session

Fall and Winter terms at McMaster each have a one week Mid-Term Recess during which there are no undergraduate classes. The McArthur Lab has started a new tradition of running a bioinformatics workshop or info session every Mid-Term Recess open to all students, trainees, staff, and faculty. We advertise to BBS and IIDR, but any are welcome. Topic, time slot, and location will be decided by level of interest:

Winter 2016:

  • How BLAST searching and Pfam/HMM domain annotation work. Thursday, February 18, 2016 @ 10-11 am in MDCL 3022