Assessing the viability of whole genome bisulfite-sequencing for epigenetic age prediction. A.G. McArthur (PI), M. Chong (Intern). Mitacs Accelerate.

Drug Metabolism in the human microbiome. G. Wright (PI), M. Surette (co-I), A.G. McArthur (co-I). Weston Family Microbiome Initiative.

Kaiso, Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Women of African Ancestry. J.M. Daniel (PI), A.G. McArthur (co-I), G. Pond (co-I). CIHR Project Grant.

Addressing the COVID-19 crises in long-term care facilities and hospitals in Ontario using genomic epidemiology. A.G. McArthur (PI), R. Lee (co-PI), coI: M. Surette, N. Fittipaldi, S. Patel, R. Kozak, R. Fattouh. McMaster COVID-19 Research Fund.

Determinants of community COVID transmission: Learning from the Hutterites. M. Loeb (PI), A.G. McArthur (co-I), + 7 additional co-I. CIHR COVID-19 May 2020 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity.

A software platform for sharing and analysis of viral and host genomes for COVID-19 and other diseases with genetic determinants. M. Fiume (DNAstack) + 13 Partner Institutions (A.G. McArthur, Co-I for McMaster). Canada Digital Technology Supercluster COVID-19 Program Project.

Computational infrastructure for the COVID-19 Genotyping Tool (CGT). A.G. McArthur (PI), Bo Wang (co-A). Cisco Systems Canada, Corporate Social Responsibility Grant.

Just-in-time pathogenomics for SARS-CoV-2, data for immediate action. S. Mubareka (PI), Co-I: R. Lee, R. Kozak, A. McGeer, J. Gubbay, J. Simpson, S. Patel, A.G. McArthur, N. Knox, R. Fattouh. University of Toronto COVID-19 Action Initiative.

SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis in human and bat cells and development of in vitro and in vivo infection models. K. Mossman (PI), S. Andres (co-A), A. Banerjee (co-A), A.G. McArthur (co-A), M. Miller (co-A), S. Mubareka (co-A), D. Anderson (co-A), J. Magolan (co-A), G. Wright (co-A). CIHR Canadian 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rapid Research Funding Opportunity.

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