Chan Zuckerberg ID and the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database collaborate to add Resistome prediction to the CZ ID platform

CARD and CZ ID are thrilled to launch a new CZ ID module that allows researchers to detect and analyze antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in sequencing data. As antimicrobial resistant microorganisms continue to be a major health concern for communities around the world, this capability will help ensure infectious disease researchers have access to the tools they need to investigate and track resistant pathogens.

CZ ID’s AMR module implements the Resistance Gene Identifier (RGI) tool to detect AMR-related sequences using reference data from the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD). Users can upload metagenomic and whole genome sequencing data and explore detected AMR sequences through an interactive sample report, as well as download results, data, and intermediate files for further analysis.

More details are available at CZ ID’s AMR Pipeline Overview.

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