CARD*Shark: automated prioritization of literature curation for the Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database

Arman Edalatmand & Andrew G McArthur. 2023. Database, doi: 10.1093/database/baad023.

Scientific literature is published at a rate that makes manual data extraction a highly time-consuming task. The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (CARD) utilizes literature to curate information on antimicrobial resistance genes and to enable time-efficient triage of publications we have developed a classification algorithm for identifying publications describing first reports of new resistance genes. Trained on publications contained in the CARD, CARD*Shark downloads, processes and identifies publications recently added to PubMed that should be reviewed by biocurators. With CARD*Shark, we can minimize the monthly scope of articles a biocurator reviews from hundreds of articles to a few dozen, drastically improving the speed of curation while ensuring no relevant publications are overlooked. Database URL


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